Hello Friends! & Resource List

Hello all! Welcome to my new blog! Amidst all the UMC disaffiliation discussion, I wanted to make my first post the resource list I’ve compiled to this point so you all can click rather than type so many lengthy links. Please inform yourselves at this important juncture in the history of Methodism. If there are any bad/dead links, please let me know! So, without further delay, here you go:

Some Resources (Not Exhaustive but a Good Cross Section)

St. Luke / Local Presentations

My talk given at St. Luke 8/24/22 – https://youtu.be/odkHcHhvk6s

Rev. Dr. Leah Hidde-Gregory Presentation (9/13/22) – https://youtu.be/tdOfAxdKG8E

Ryan Barnett at First Church 1/12/23 – Long but excellent. https://www.youtube.com/live/fM_J_09vfvY?feature=share

Town Hall at First United Methodist San Angelo (mainly aimed at their members, but informative): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5MNYU7zMPo

A conversation with Kendall Waller (Rio Texas Conference Treasurer & Director of Administrative Ministries) held at Sierra Vista UMC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEmg3Wge5l0

Thought / Opinion Pieces

This echoes much of what I’ve been thinking/saying for years, and I heartily believe to be true: https://juicyecumenism.com/2023/01/17/why-united-methodist-tolerance-of-conservatives-will-be-impossible/

Bishop Scott Jones – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdYtHOtvl3I

An opinion piece by Bishop Willimon (stay UMC perspective): https://www.christiancentury.org/article/opinion/united-methodist-divorce-mistake

A rebuttal to Bishop Willimon – https://unsettledchristianity.com/yes-the-united-methodist-divorce-is-a-mistake/

Good News (Creedal/GMC perspective from a pastor at The Woodlands – Houston, who has already voted to disaffiliate. Rob Renfroe in six videos ~15 minutes each) – https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodNewsMethodist

Abraham, William J. “Waking From Doctrinal Amnesia: The Healing of Doctrine in The United Methodist Church.” Abingdon Press, Nashville: 1995. A deceased Methodist Elder (from our conference) and considered by many to be one of the finest philosophers who ever lived.

Beaumont, Susan. “How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going” by Susan Beaumont. Published 2019. Published by Rowman & Littlefield.

“United Methodists At the End of the Mainline,” William J. Abraham, First Things, June 1998. https://www.firstthings.com/article/1998/06/002-united-methodists-at-the-end-of-the-mainline

A good summary of what got us here: https://firstshreveport.com/media/1173106-4835735-32710248/the-umc?fbclid=IwAR3Cg4L9Ss0L4eWx6hUcWlhG_UE4bGEh4RMLMRMPPVBMbcxErh3zkYTE3Yk

John Wesley Recounting the Early days of Methodism

A Plain Account of the People Called Methodist –


Denominational Resources

The United Methodist Church – www.umc.org

The Global Methodist Church – there are links here to the Transitional Book of Doctrine & Discipline and other current information – https://globalmethodist.org/

The Rio Texas Conference (disaffiliation procedure and other information can be found here, including dates on the Bishop’s tour stops): www.riotexas.org

United Methodist Book of Discipline, 2016. United Methodist Publishing House, Nashville, TN: 2016.

Addendum to THE BOOK OF DISCPLINE 2016 – https://www.umofficialresources.com/updates/15/book-of-discipline-addendum-and-errata-december-2019

Doctrinal Confusion and Non-Compliance

Suffice it to say, I disagree with him profoundly – https://um-insight.net/perspectives/an-open-letter-%E2%80%9Cgod%E2%80%99s-word%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%93-inerrant-inspired-in-error-and/?fbclid=IwAR1msf7Gs8DxRIxu7eaadUpfqmCotmkT6MxF5pdjABQxVMS3XC6l12WDfFs

The bishop of Colorado & other territories – https://juicyecumenism.com/2016/07/16/karen-olivetos-theology-criticizing-jesus-defending-demon-possession/

After being challenged on this reporting, his response: https://juicyecumenism.com/2018/01/12/liberal-united-methodists-oliveto-supporters-heres-chance-discredit-ird-um-action/

Sit down for this one: https://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/16060/20220602/united-methodist-church-associate-pastor-drag-queen-gives-blasphemous-speech.htm

For those who don’t believe in hell: https://um-insight.net/in-the-church/practicing-faith/omitting-hell-it-s-traditional/

Methodist seminary prioritizes Wiccan, other unbiblical religions https://afn.net/church/2022/02/22/methodist-seminary-prioritizes-wiccan-other-unbiblical-religions/

Methodist Seminary is ‘Abdicating’ Christianity, Says Theologian https://www.christianpost.com/news/methodist-seminary-is-abdicating-christianity-says-theologian.html

Some have questioned if this person is real. Regardless, it was published with a purpose: https://www.pghcitypaper.com/pittsburgh/being-a-queer-pastor-isnt-for-the-faint-of-heart/Content?oid=22370650

Cows vs Buffalos (Referenced in my presentation)

Rory Varden – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azcS1SXoQeA

Relevant News

 “Texas Court Strikes Down the Methodist Trust Clause,” Daniel P. Dalton, April 11, 2021. https://www.daltontomich.com/trust-clause/texas-court-concludes-that-the-methodist-trust-clause-is-unenforceable/

Leading Voices:

Wesleyan Covenant Association – Many folks aligned with the Global Methodist Church https://wesleyancovenant.org/

UMC Next – https://umcnext.com/

Liberation Methodist Connection – https://www.thelmx.org/

United Methodist Insight – https://um-insight.net/

The Confessing Movement within the United Methodist Church – https://www.confessingumc.org/

Good News Movement – www.goodnewsmag.org

People Need Jesus – https://peopleneedjesus.net/

Hacking Christianity – https://hackingchristianity.net/

Grace Through Separation – https://gracethroughseparation.com/

United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (Adam Hamilton is pastor and the face of the stay UMC movement) – www.cor.og – his personal site – www.adamhamilton.com

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